PVC Disposal

We care about the planet and keep all carbon emissions as low as possible by offering a PVC disposal service. Our team promotes sustainable work by coming and collecting old PVC profiles. We also offer a free collection of the PVC disposable bags we supply.

PVC can be recycled. PVC windows and doors are popular for many reasons, including their durability and their natural thermal efficiency. This material is so durable, it can last for 30 to 40 years. Don’t put your PVC in landfill, we can dispose of it in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

We also offer a wide range of PVC windows, doors and conservatory systems to tradespeople across the country. We have built up a trusted reputation and work closely with customers to ensure that we are offering the best products for your next project, whether commercial or residential. Get in touch with us to find out more.

VEKA are a family-run company and have been producing quality PVC products since 1969 and are experts in providing in the industry. We launched our recycling and PVC disposal initiative to transform old and tired PVC windows and doors into new products. We want to change the perception of PVC products and offer tradespeople with a premium range of pellets.

The VEKA Group is the biggest PVC disposal company in the UK and continues to work hard to keep our planet safe. Our goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of PVC disposal and supply recycled pellets to industry-leading businesses. We are proud to reveal that our VC disposal services have been accredited with the ISO 14001 certification.

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Benefits of PVC Disposal

Using our PVC disposal service for recycling windows and doors is a better alternative than sending them to landfill. This is expensive and very damaging to the environment. After our PVC disposal service is completed, our recycled pellets will be used to create high performing windows and doors.

The main benefit to PVC disposal is the environment factor. Over the past few years, there has been more awareness of how our behaviour negatively impacts the environment. This is why we are so committed to helping PVC avoid landfill.

Many underperforming PVC windows, doors and conservatories end up being tossed away into landfill. Not only does this cause wastage, but it is also very expensive to manage. With other external financial factors impacting the British public, too much waste on landfill will only hurt our economy even more. By reducing the amount of landfill waste, we can help the UK to become in a better financial position.


PVC Disposal Process

From beginning to end, our PVC disposal recycling process is as environmentally friendly as it possibly can be. We offer free collection to any customer who wants to dispose of their old or outdated PVC windows and doors. All our vehicles use low-emission diesel or LPG (liquified petroleum gas) and we will always use the most direct route possible.

Once our team will come to you and collect the PVC windows and doors; they are then taken to our recycling plant. We then break down the PVC materials into size groups and remove any metals or non-PVC products. Our innovative PVC disposal technology helps to remove any hardware accessories that are fitted onto the product. We then break down materials into size groups and colours to get clean materials.

The final stage of the PVC disposal process is to compress the materials down into contamination-free pellets. We have thoroughly assessed our whole process to ensure that we are using the best recycling methods possible and that we are doing it in the most eco friendly way.


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PVC Disposal, Prices

Save money and help the planet by choosing our PVC disposal services. Get in touch with us by using our online contact form, and we can answer any queries you may have and advise you on the process.

If you have any immediate questions about the PVC disposal service, please call our team on 01933 427750 and chat with one of our friendly experts. Our team are on hand at any point to offer our professional and impartial guidance for both homeowners and tradespeople. Chat with our experienced team today and find out more about our recycling initiative.

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