PVC Pellets

We supply a premium range of PVC pellets to the manufacturing industry. Alongside our sister company, VEKA Recycling, we collaborate to produce eco-friendly solutions to PVC products. We use uPVC products at the end of their lifespan and recycle them to make high-quality PVC pellets. We aim to make every part of our process sustainable and make our products robust and long-lasting.

We offer an eclectic range of PVC pellets, including PI white, PCW white, coloured and jazz pellets. Other products, including PCW and foam pulvers, PI pulvers, single-shaped white rechips, and jazz rechips can be supplied. All our PVC pellets are designed for manufacturing a sustainable product that will excel in thermal performance and weather resistance.

At VEKA Compounds, we supply PVC pellets which have a lifecycle of three decades. Each product can be recycled up to ten times, which results in a 350-year lifespan. By investing in our PVC pellets, you can contribute to the manufacturing industry’s positive environmental changes. Reduce your carbon footprint and install products to your customers that they can take advantage of.

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Benefits of PVC Pellets

Our PVC pellets can be used to make a variety of products for both commercial and residential properties. Their robust features will ensure that you can manufacture a thermally efficient and long-lasting product.

The pellets are designed to be durable, secure properties throughout the year. No matter what project you carry out, our products can be of use. Our recycled PVC pellets can be used to make several home improvement products including;

  • Windows and Doors
  • Window Cills, Beading and Cavity Closures
  • Fencing and Decking
  • Guttering and Drainpipes
  • Trunking and Ducting
  • Underground Pipes
  • Tubing

Our PVC pellets are completely versatile and are used to in a wide range of products. These durable components will give the products you manufacture, long-lasting performance. We use a small amount of energy to produce exceptional PVC pellets.

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PVC Pellets Recycling Process

The process of producing PVC pellets starts with the collection. We arrange a free collection for any uPVC products that are nearing the end of its performance. The routes we take are researched so that we do not take unnecessary roads and do multiple collections simultaneously. The vehicles run on low emissions so that from the start, we are reducing our carbon footprint. Our recycling process is thorough; we pride ourselves on a service that is eco-friendly throughout.

Before we supply our PVC pellets, we carry out a thorough recycling process to ensure that we have high-quality raw materials. Firstly, uPVC products go through shredding and separating to eliminate any unwanted metals and glazing. We then colour code and compress any remaining material to make recycled PVC pellets. The result is clean pellets which are rid of any materials that will affect their performance. We pelletise products that are guaranteed to work under any circumstance.


One of the main benefits of our PVC pellets is their weatherproof qualities. The products we supply are designed not to discolour, warp or corrode. We have rigorous testing to ensure that our PVC pellets withstand all weather types, by testing against deflection recovery. Throughout the years, our products will not swell in the heat or rust when it gets cold.

uPVC gives off harmful chemicals when it burns. To prevent this from happening, our PVC pellets are made with a modern flame retardance to give it advanced safety. The pellets that we supply have excellent levels of UV stability. You can have confidence that they will not discolour or be brittle. Your customers will benefit from home improvements that are there to protect them.

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We manufacture our products to the highest standards so that the result will be long-lasting for your customers. Our PVC pellets can be recycled again and again to improve its sustainability. You can contribute to an environmentally friendly future. Your customers can relax knowing that their home improvements require little maintenance.

Our products can stand the test of time with our advanced recycling technologies. Despite being recycled, they will look and perform as good as new. You will find that our products will never compromise on performance, no matter how many times they are reused. The robust features have unrivalled benefits that your customers will be happy with.

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Improve your sustainability and work with VEKA Compounds, to create eco-friendly products that will excel. If you would like to know more about our PVC pellets, fill out our online contact form, and our friendly team will answer any questions you have. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 01933 424999. You will also manufacture products your customers will love, but you can also help lower CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint.

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