PI White Pellets

Our initiative to reuse uPVC results in versatile PI White Pellets. This raw material provides a wealth of benefits to the manufacturing industry. Use PI White Pellets for a range of products, whatever you need to fabricate. Our products can be used in:

- Windows and Doors
- Window Cills, Beading and Cavity Closures
- Fencing and Decking
- Guttering and Drainpipes
- Trunking and Ducting
- Underground Pipes
- Tubing

From Profile to Pellet: Our Process

uPVC Pellets

What Does This all Mean?

Low Emissions

We want to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible to promote sustainable work. We can come and collect old uPVC profiles, as well as offering a free collection for the uPVC disposable bags we supply.

Additionally, our vehicles run on low emissions diesel. This is a much more environmentally-friendly fuel than petrol meaning we have a positive impact on the planet. Every pick-up route is planned carefully to prevent any unnecessary routes that use up fuel. Read more about our environmentally friendly work here.

Less Need to Recycle

Our PI white pellets excel in their longevity. Each window we manufacture in our process can last for up to three decades before it can be recycled into pellets again. As well as this, the profiles have a 350-year lifespan!

There is a very small amount of energy needed to produce the pellets. Having said this, recycled uPVC profiles last for years therefore there is even less need for pelletisation. Once manufactured, the products we make won't need to be recycled again for decades.

Range of Products

PI white pellets are incredibly versatile. Use them to manufacture a range of uPVC products such as windows and doors, as well as other home improvements. Our innovative pellets can be used for a wide variety of new products.

We work closely with window and door manufacturers to promote a more eco-friendly society. As well as this, we can source PI white pellets to a range of other companies to fabricate new products with our pellets. Our quality materials will perform to the highest level for decades.

Get in Touch!

Get in touch with VEKA Compounds today for more information on PI white pellets. You can manufacture eco-friendly products and promote a sustainable future with our pellets. Use our contact form to ask us anything. We look forward to hearing from you!