Our Products

When it comes to premium grade raw materials, you need to look no further than VEKA Compounds. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality coloured and un-pigmented uPVC pellets for the manufacturing industry. Whether you are producing a rigid or flexible end product, we have the ideal raw material for every application.

PVC Recycling Pellets

Market-Leading Process

All of our products are sourced and created through cutting-edge techniques, ensuring they achieve modern standards of performance, aesthetics, structural integrity, lifespan, and functionality. We are able to offer a wide range of plastic solutions that will prove to be a worthwhile investment for any project.

Sustainable Approach

We ensure all of our plastics are sourced and manufactured in a sustainable and economically friendly way, working alongside our sister company VEKA Recycling to ensure all recycled materials uphold the structural integrity and performance of a brand new material: allowing them to be used to a wider range of high-quality products.

A Wide Range of Solutions

We offer a wide range of plastic products to cater to a comprehensive selection of needs. Ranging from commercial and residential projects, through to specialist sectors, we are able to ensure you get the right plastic product for your needs. Simply speak to a member of our friendly team, and we’ll be able to offer you what is right for you.

Performance Properties

Our various products offer high performance in a number of diverse fields, including:

As our materials are premium grade, we are able to minimise or prevent fine plastic shavings, irregular shaped or clumped pellets. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy uPVC products that uphold uniformity and won’t offer a range of defects that can be detrimental to performance.

Deflection recovery, a test brought forward in the British Trade Standard for uPVC windows, is an important process when it comes to ensuring our materials are able to respond effectively to changes in weather. You can rest assured you’ll be getting modern performance.

When it comes to negative temperature coefficiency, our products avoid any problems in the face of thermal stresses. You won’t have to worry about changes in temperature causing stresses at the edges of the product, which in turn can limit the ultimate strength of the product.

As uPVC can produce harmful chemicals when it burns, our products are accompanied by modern flame retardance to ensure a heightened degree of safety. Further to this, it also means that our products are able to offer improved fire performance.

Unlike timber, our materials won’t swell when they are exposed to the elements. This means that any products manufactured from them won’t lose their structural integrity, offering an impressive lifespan as a result.

With security and durability in mind, our materials can be used to create products that uphold a contemporary standard of structural integrity. In turn, this means that they will be able to hold steadfast against impact.

Due to high levels of UV stability, our materials won’t show any signs of yellowing, leaching, bleaching of the surface or stress crack formation. They will also not develop any brittleness, lack of strength, elasticity, or hardness.

We know that homeowner tastes and property styles differ greatly, which is why we offer both colour and un-pigmented materials (that are receptive to added pigment) to help you cater to a wider demographic of projects.

The VEKA Compounds range is so comprehensive and caters for so many different applications that there are too many uses to list here! Instead, here is just a selection of the industries in which VEKA Compounds are used.

We offer a wide range of plastics for use in the electrical sector, including a wide range of electric wire insulation. Plastic has proven to be invaluable for a wide range of electrical applications, proving to be insulating, lightweight, durable, recyclable, and energy-efficient.

Our plastic packaging solutions offer a wide range of benefits, including protection, preservation, waste prevention, transportation, and the ability to clearly display information. Plastic, as a packaging material, is safe, lightweight, hygienic, and recyclable.

Plastics are used in the automotive sector as they allow for fuel-efficient vehicles. We offer a wide range of plastic solutions that offer minimal corrosion (allowing for longer vehicle life), substantial design freedom, versatility in the integration of different components, safety, and recyclability.

It’s important that the plastics in the fashion and footwear industry is kept sustainable, which is why we offer a range of economically friendly solutions. Plastic is important when it comes to integrating stretch or keeping outerwear lightweight and water resistant.

Treated plastic can operate as an effective fire guard to offer high standards of protection. We offer a wide range of fire guard types to suit a comprehensive selection of tastes, property styles, and needs: both commercial and residential.

Plastics can be used for a wide range of insulation and sealant purposes. From electrical insulation through to weather sealants, we’ll be able to offer you a range of plastics to suit both residential and commercial requirements.

Due to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, practicality, strength, flexibility, and lack of potential to shatter, plastics have become a popular option amongst the medical sector. For this, we offer a wide range of options to choose from.

From soffits and fascias through to skirting boards and uPVC window trims, we’ll be able to offer a wide range of home improvement options for you to choose from. Plastics are fantastic in this sector due to their high performance and low maintenance.

Due to the fact that plastic can be moulded into a wide range of shapes, it is easily used for a wide range of technical components. Durable, lightweight, cost-effective, and light, these components are suitable for a wide use of applications.