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VEKA Compounds, part of the larger VEKA Group, are producers and suppliers of uPVC pellets for extrusion into a range of products. Available for industrial and commercial uses, these products are designed with longevity and the ultimate performance in mind. You can rest assured that choosing VEKA Compounds for your uPVC will be the smartest decision you make this year.

uPVC Pellets For All Applications

VEKA Compounds are your one-stop-shop for high quality coloured and un-pigmented uPVC pellets for manufacturing purposes. These can be used for a broad array of different purposes across a plethora of different mediums, with a high quality, long lasting performance guaranteed.

Our materials are designed to offer complete ease of processing, as well as: deflection recovery, negative temperature coefficiency, flame retardance, intumescence, impact resistance, UV stability, industrial use, electrical use, packaging use, automotives, fashion and footwear, fire guarding, seals and insulation, medical and pharmaceutical use, home improvements, and technical components.

With this flexibility, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to manufacture a wide range of products to industry-leading standards. The VEKA uPVC profile, for example, is renowned for its thermal-efficiency, security, durability, and low maintenance properties. With this in mind, they are sure to be the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

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Industrial Uses

Our range of products is incredibly comprehensive, which means you’ll be able to find the right one for you easier and without the stress of restricted choice. This includes a wide range of industrial uses across a range of sectors.

The industries that we supply materials for include electrical, packaging, automotive, fashion and footwear, fire guarding, seals and insulation, medical and pharmaceutical, home improvement, and technical components. We are able to tailor your materials to suit your needs, from lightweight and insulating through to more robust requirements.

This means you can approach us for your uPVC product needs, whatever stem of the industry it is you work in here in the United Kingdom. Our products are present in a broad range of different industries, benefiting a wide array of different businesses.

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Performance Properties

We know the importance of lasting quality, not only in satisfaction but also in longevity. This is why our materials are able to achieve impressive performance properties without compromising on practicality or quality. This makes for higher quality uPVC products.

The materials that we offer are premium grade, which means that we are able to prevent fine plastic shavings, irregular shaped, or clumped pellets. With this in mind, any uPVC products manufactured from these materials will uphold a sense of uniformity that will enable them to achieve a consistent standard of quality across the frame.

Alongside this, the materials that we offer can be supplied in a colour or un-pigmented variant. With this in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom to accommodate a wider range of product requirements. You can also offer the benefits of customisation, with a range of colour options available to suit your requirements.

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VEKA Quality

We are proud to operate as part of the The VEKA UK Group, the number one manufacturer of uPVC profile in the UK, Europe, and worldwide. With this in mind, you can rest assured that VEKA Compounds draws its standard of quality from a pedigree brand: which has been refining its service since 1969.

Our division is responsible for the production of uPVC pellets that can be extruded for a broad range of products that have both commercial and residential application. Our uPVC is regularly used for over a dozen different products, with specific effort on producing goods that deliver the best possible modern performance. That’s the VEKA Compounds way.

As part of the VEKA group, we are able to utilise a wide network of professional distribution resources to ensure our high quality products are delivered exactly as it should be: on time and in full. Alongside this, we also offer accredited standards by working to ISO 9000 (Quality Management) and ISO 14000 (Environmental Management) certification.

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The Environment

The wellbeing of the environment is a priority for us, which is why we opt to use recycled uPVC instead of virgin materials. We utilise an intelligent process that enables us to recycle existing uPVC, with fewer CO2 emissions and equivalent quality.

Alongside this process, we also help to reduce our emission by operating on a fleet of vehicles that run on LPG as opposed to diesel: constantly reviewing our routes and tailoring journeys with fuel efficiency and carbon emission in mind. If possible, we will use as little of our fleet as possible on a single working day!

The removal of lead from our recycling process is also imperative when it comes to creating a greener environment. Although lead offers a range of practical benefits, it also produces a range of harmful chemicals too. In turn, these chemicals can work their way through various UK ecosystems and affect the central nervous systems of many animals.

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