Benefits of Recycled Plastic Pellets

Are you looking for a sustainable, positive and environmentally friendly compound solution? At VEKA, we produce and distribute the highest quality uPVC for the UK manufacturing industry. With our recycling sister company, we can help various customers fulfil their environmental responsibilities in the best way possible.

We are proud to provide eco-friendly plastic pellets made of recycled uPVC windows and doors! With our exciting recycling process, we can sell our products to the trade and reuse this material repeatedly.

To discover the main benefits of recycled plastic pellets, read below…

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What are Plastic Pellets?

Recycling is one of the top priorities we have here at VEKA Compounds. Our durable recycled plastic pellets can be reused over again to mould into an amazing, fresh, uPVC window and door frame. Recycled plastic pallets are lightweight, strong and durable, which means that they can last for many decades; this is ideal for reusing their material and producing frames repeatedly.

Due to our focus on sustainability, we strive to ensure that everything we do encourages others to become more eco-friendly. Our extensive range of uPVC pellets includes PI White Pellets, PCW White Pellets, Coloured Pellets, Jazz Pellets, and PCW. Also, we offer Foam Pulvers, PI Pulvers, Single Shade White Rechips and Jazz Rechips.

All these incredible variations of recycled plastic pellets are ideal for reusing plastic and sustainably reducing the amount of new plastic we use. Our team at VEKA Compounds can advise you on what pellets are best suited to your next project, whether that’s new windows, doors, guttering or other relevant uses. We are here to help.

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What Are The Main Benefits?

No Discolouring

Our recycled plastic pellets are so tough that they will not discolour, no matter what. With a 30 year life expectancy, they are made to endure the most extreme weather conditions. Even through tough weather conditions and other environmental issues like UV rats, our recycled plastic pellets will continue to shine in their original colour for many decades.

Long Lasting

To ensure that we do our part for the planet, our recycled plastic pellets help to reduce the amount of new plastic being generated. We reuse old uPVC material at the same high quality to give you a brand new product without the need to worry about polluting the earth with new plastic. We give you a long lasting and durable solution with no compromise on quality. What more could you want?

Weather and Impact Resistant

Recycled plastic pellets are significantly weather and impact resistant. To ensure that the uPVC will perfectly protect you and your household, its material is durable, strong, and long lasting. Whatever gets thrown at them, your residential or commercial property will stay solid and upright.

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Our Recycled Plastic Pellet Mission

At VEKA Compounds, and VEKA Recycling we aim to be as friendly and eco-friendly as possible to give our customers recycled plastic pellets that ensure your property will become sustainable with many practical benefits. We want to reduce our recycling process as CO2 and reduce pollution. We work to the highest quality standards, from low emission vehicles to advanced machinery, giving you the best solution for your commercial or residential property.

We want all our customers to feel extremely confident that they have chosen a company that produces premium recycled plastic pellets. We are one of 250,000 companies with the ISO 14001 certificate, a globally recognised environmental management accreditation. ISO 14001 certifies that companies are working to reduce the amount of pollution and improve the way they manage their resources.

For further information and questions, contact our team today!

Recycled Plastic Pellet Prices

We know that choosing the perfect uPVC plastic pellets for your project is essential. Due to this, we can advise you on the very best options for you and your lifestyle. Our range of products is extremely flexible, and with various selections to choose from, you are guaranteed an exceptional eco-friendly recycled solution.

Get in touch with us to find out more on our online contact form, and a member of our team will be available to answer any further queries and curiosities. Otherwise, call us directly on 01933 427750.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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