Recycled Plastic Pellets

Recycling is at the heart of everything we do. Our recycled plastic pellets can be used to create amazing new uPVC window frames or any other sustainable uPVC products from VEKA.

Recycled plastic pellets are lightweight, durable, and extremely strong. They last a long time due to their sturdy material and are completely resistant to mould and mildew. You can use these pellets for all sorts of goods for the household, including uPVC windows and doors!

We have been recycling our products into plastic pellets for years, beginning in Europe before bringing the UK’s sustainable and effective process. The process to get to these recycled plastic pellets is sustainable and innovative. This unique process will recycle any old materials you may have, from collection to compression.

Sustainability is very important for the environment and everything we do in day-to-day life. For this reason, we strongly encourage our customers to become sustainable. Using and creating recycled plastic pellets brings a vast number of benefits. These include the amazing advantage for the environment and its cost-effectiveness. Even when using recycled plastic pellets to create the products, their performance of them will never be compromised.

Recycled Plastic Pellets

The Process for Recycled Plastic Pellets

We have created an efficient recycling system where our products can be compressed into plastic pellets. Every single one of our steps is designed to be environmentally friendly. The vehicles used during the process are low-emission, and we will select routes that require the smallest amount of driving time on the road.

Once the uPVC product has been collected and brought into our factory, it is ready to be converted into recycled plastic pellets.

Firstly, the uPVC product is shredded into lesser pieces. We do this to allow ourselves to go through the leftover material and separate the various materials in the selected uPVC product.  

When the uPVC product has been shredded and sorted by size, we go through each material piece by bit. We take away any metals or non-plastic accessories to make recycling easier.

We need to provide installers, fabricators, and homeowners with pure materials. We then continue to separate the uPVC product material by removing any unwanted materials and colours. We do this by ensuring that we get the most recycled plastic pellets possible.

Finally, we put the material left into a melt filtration system. They then provide eco-friendly recycled plastic pellets, which can be used for any uPVC product or material, such as window frames, doors, cills and more.

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Recycled Plastic Pellets Benefits

Weather and Impact Resistant

A significant benefit of recycled plastic pellets is that they will create a uPVC product that is weather and impact resistant. They will ensure that the uPVC made from this material will perfectly protect any residential and commercial property.

No Discolouring

These plastic pellets are made so that they will not discolour no matter what is thrown at them. They have a 30-year life expectancy and are made to endure the most extreme of weather conditions. Even through tough weather conditions and other environmental issues like UV rays, our recycled plastic pellets will remain with no colour lost.

Recycled Plastic Pellets Prices

If you like what you’re hearing, work with VEKA today to improve your sustainability and significantly reduce your carbon footprint! Our recycled plastic pellets will give you everything you need! If you would like to learn more or speak to someone about our recycled plastic pellets, please feel free to give us a call on 01933 424999, or you can fill out our online contact form, and a member of our friendly team will respond to any questions and queries you may have. By choosing our recycled plastic pellets to manufacture eco-friendly uPVC products, you can help to reduce CO2 emissions and produce robust and secure products.

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