VEKA and the Environment

VEKA compounds works closely with VEKA Recycling - the largest initiative of its kind in both the UK and Europe – to deliver a high quality product, offering a sustainable alternative to our virgin PVC-U powder, helping the environment in the process.
Opting to use recycled PVC-U over a virgin product holds numerous advantages for the environment – and for businesses too. Reliance on the planet’s depleted natural resources is minimised, and less PVC-U ends up in landfill sites where it could potentially take millennia to degrade.

The process involved in recycling existing PVC-U generates fewer CO2 emissions than producing an equivalent virgin product – offsetting your company’s carbon footprint, helping you to fulfil your environmental responsibilities, and demonstrating your commitment to proactively protecting the environment.

Benefits of our Closed Process

uPVC Pellets

What Does This all Mean?

Less Diesel, Less Emissions

To help reduce our emissions and still maintain a hassle-free service, we offer a free pickup service for all of the uPVC disposal bags that we supply our customers. You can enjoy the standard that we have gained a reputation for without worrying about being detrimental to the environment.

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To help ensure this factor goes further, we ensure the number of our vehicles that run on low emission diesel as opposed to standard petrol is growing year by year. This diesel is an incredibly efficient alternative to conventional fuels. This works to reduce the overall carbon emissions of our fleet as a result. Furthermore, we also consistently review the routes which all our vehicles drive, tailoring journeys with fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in mind. Where possible, we will use as little of our fleet as possible on a single working day. We do this by using select vehicles for both drop-offs and collections.

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Here at VEKA Compounds, our pellets are manufactured to the highest standard. The innovative manufacturing techniques will ensure the products you manufacture will perform in the long-term. You can recycle the uPVC products again and again for a sustainable future.

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Our products are sustainable and have high-functionality. They are designed with longevity in mind, made to stand the test of time. Although the pellets have been manufactured from recycled uPVC, they don't compromise on quality. You can benefit from premium pellets that perform as though they were newly made. The windows and doors made using our pellets can last for three decades thanks to the manufacturing techniques. The end products can be turned back into the pellets once they hit the end of their lifespan!

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Range of Products

Our uPVC pellets are incredibly versatile. As they are made from uPVC windows and doors, they can be transformed back into those profiles providing a robust home improvement. As well as this, the pellets can be used for decking, guttering, tubing and much more.

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VEKA PLC proudly supported the design of the UK's first BFRC 'A' Rated window and the first fully reinforced, double-glazed window to gain the 'A' Rating: which will help to reduce carbon emissions as a result. The uPVC that we offer our approved extruders up and down the country helps to produce window and doors frames that provide better thermal efficiency. In turn, this will enable homeowners to have their heating on a lower temperature to decrease their carbon footprint.

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If you’re interested in working with VEKA Compounds in our bid for a greener, more sustainable environment, then please get in contact today. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that may have about our environmental pledge.